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9:15 a.m. - Children's Christian Education
& Soul Search (Adult Christian Education)
Worship service is at 10:15!
We are Open and Affirming and ALL are welcome!

SACK LUNCHES: Every Saturday and Sunday, between 12:15 and 1:00 p.m, our church gives to "those in need" a lunch usually consisting of a sandwich, cookies, and chips or pretzels plus water and fruit. If you would like to help please call the church and offer to make a donation of money or ingredients or time in the making and serving.

May 2015 Calendar PDF Print E-mail
Written by Cindy Fawkes   
Wednesday, 06 May 2015 16:53


2:   Spring Association Meeting
4:   Peace Pole Prayers, 6:30
      Faith Ministry Team 7:00
6:   Choir 6:30
13: Relationship Ministry Team 1:30 Bendorf's
     Trustees 6:00

     Choir 6:30
14: Justice and Witness 2:30 Hathaway's

     Stewardship 5:30
16: UGRR Yard Sale

     PRIDE: Springfield
18 VCT 6:00
20: Choir 6:30
31. Children's Book Party



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Friday, 06 March 2015 15:54


Holy Week

On Maundy Thursday, April 2, we observe Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. Maundy Thursday is often thought of as the day Jesus instituted the practice of communion. In the John 13 account of the Last Supper, Jesus institutes the practice of service through foot washing. We will gather as a community for a meal at 6 pm (basement fellowship hall) and ease into a service (7:00, basement fellowship hall) from the meal. We will have an opportunity to serve and to partake of communion, as well as to pray and hear portions of Jesus’ farewell address to his disciples.


On Good Friday, April 3, we will gather in the sanctuary at 7:00 pm to engage the trial, crucifixion and death of Jesus. There is also a community Good Friday service at Grace United Methodist, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.


Easter 2015 – April 5 is Easter! We celebrate God’s defeat of death and the new life that we find in and through Jesus. Our worship will begin at 10:15.


Easter Celebration Potluck

After our worship service ends, we will gather for an Easter Celebration potluck. As always, we will invite our friends who join us for the Sunday Sack Lunch to join us in a communal meal. Please feel free to invite someone to join you for worship. We all need good news. We all need to hear that God loves us, will walk through hell with us and for us, and that God’s love, not hatred, not evil, has the last word. Joyful worship and a joyful meal are the order for the day!


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Wednesday, 01 April 2015 16:30


2: MaundyThursday

3: Good Friday

5: Easter Worship, 10:15; Easter Celebration Potluck after worship

6: Peace Pole Prayers 6:30

Faith Ministry team 7:00

8: Relationship Ministry Team 1:00 @ Bendorf’s Trustees 6:00

6:30  Choir

9: Justice and Witness 2:30 @ Mary’s

Stewardship 5:30

15: Choir 6:30

20: VCT Meeting 6:00

 24 & 25: Friends of the Library Book Sale in Fellowship Hall Fri. 12-6 Sat.9-2

 24: 6:30 Justice film Mother Caring for 7 Billion in Parlor

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Wednesday, 01 April 2015 16:38



“Embracing the Vision:  Continuing the Journey”

The Joint Spring Meeting of the Eastern, Prairie and Western Associations of the Illinois Conference

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Zion United Church of Christ, Peru, Illinois


Keynote Speaker:  Ray Schulte

Managing Director for the Center for Parish Development

…Presenting an Association listening process inviting congregational leaders to participate in conversations and to listen to the Spirit as we share strengths and identify priorities in congregational life for action in the near future.


More details will soon be sent to your congregational leaders including registration materials and an agenda for the day’s events.  We look forward to warm fellowship, stimulating worship, engaging conversations and the completion of Association business. 


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Friday, 06 March 2015 15:38



4: Lenten gathering, food and conversation, 6 pm       

Choir 6:30

5: Justice and Witness Ministry

Team @ Mary’s: 2:30

9:  Faith Ministry Team  7:00

10: Stewardship

MinistryTeam 5:30

11: Relationship Ministry Team

@ Mallory’s 1:30

Lenten gathering, food and conversation, 6 pm

            Choir 6:30

13: Games Night, 7 pm

16 VCT 6:00

18: Lenten gathering, food and conversation, 6 pm

            Choir 6:30

25: Lenten gathering, food and conversation, 6 pm

29: Palm Sunday; CHUMS, eat out together after worship; Mary Hathaway 80th birthday celebration (afternoon)

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Thursday, 05 February 2015 15:40


pastors note

Dear Friends:

Is anyone else sort-of surprised that it is already February? We just finished putting away the Christmas decorations and cleaning up from the annual meeting on January 31. How can it possibly be true that Lent is around the corner?!


I have grown to like the season of Lent. It’s a time for reflecting on faith and following Christ. Lent is not about giving up chocolate or Facebook (although, if either help you in your walk, go for it). It is about confronting our brokenness and embracing a life fully integrated with God’s will for restoration and wholeness.


Once again, Congregational United Church of Christ will offer: worship services on Ash Wednesday, February 18, 7:00 pm (see below), mid-week Lent Gatherings, Wednesdays at 6:00 pm, beginning on February 25 (see below), and Holy Week worship services on Maundy Thursday (April 2, 6:00 pm) and Good Friday (April 3, 7:00 pm). More information will be published closer to Holy Week.


Please join us for as many worship or casual gatherings as you can. We deepen our faith and build our community. Both help us to be agents of God’s love and compassion in a hurting world.

Wishing you all God’s peace.

Pastor Lynn

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Friday, 06 March 2015 15:22



Set your clock forward one hour Saturday night

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Wednesday, 01 April 2015 16:33








Friday, April 24, 6:30 pm

To commemorate Earth Day, the Justice and Witness Ministry Team has chosen the film, “Mother: Caring for 7 Billion”. The film will be shown on Friday evening, April 24 in the Joy Prairie Parlor. The film is 69 minutes long. Refreshments will be served and there will be time for discussion following the film.

The film breaks a 40-year taboo by bringing to light an issue that silently fuels our most pressing environmental, humanitarian and social crises - population growth. In 2011 the world population reached 7 billion, a startling seven-fold increase since the first billion occurred 200 years ago.

Population was once at the top of the international agenda, dominating the first Earth Day and the subject of best-selling books like “The Population Bomb”. Since the 1960s the world population has nearly doubled, adding more than 3 billion people.  At the same time, talking about population has become politically incorrect because of the sensitivity of the issues surrounding the topic–religion, economics, family planning and gender inequality. Yet it is an issue we cannot afford to ignore.

Today, nearly 1 billion people still suffer from chronic hunger. Compounded with our ravenous appetite for natural resources, population growth is putting an unprecedented burden on the life system we all depend on.

The film illustrates both the over-consumption and the inequity side of the population issue by following Beth, a mother and a child-rights activist as she comes to discover, along with the audience, the thorny complexities of the population issue.  Beth – who comes from a large American family of 12 and has adopted an African-born daughter–travels to Ethiopia where she meets Zinet, the oldest daughter of a desperately poor family of 12.  Zinet has found the courage to break free from thousand-year-old-cultural barriers, and their encounter will change Beth forever.

"Mother: Caring for 7 Billion" features world-renown experts and scientists including biologist Paul Ehrlich, author of “The Population Bomb;" economist Mathis Wackernagel, the creator of the ground-breaking Footprint Network; Malcolm Potts, a pioneer in human reproductive health; and Riane Eisler, whose book “The Chalice and the Blade” has been published in 23 countries.

As you may know the Friends of the Library is having a book sale in the Fellowship Hall that day. We hope you will enjoy the book sale, and then join us in the comfortable parlor for this important film!


The Justice & Witness Ministry Team


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Wednesday, 01 April 2015 16:39


Underground Railroad News

Our Spring Bus Tour will be held April 26 from 1-5. Call 479-4144 for reservations. the tour will begin at Beecher Hall on Illinois College and drive past all of the sites which the Committee has identified as important to the UGRR. The buses will have on board someone who knows the history of each stop. You will tour inside at Beecher, Gillett House, Africa, the Congregational Church, and Woodland Farm. You will be served refreshment and a bathroom break at the Congregational Church. There is limited room on the buses so call for reservations early. The UGRR Committee will have a yard sale at the Congregational Church on Saturday, May 16.

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Friday, 06 March 2015 15:42


Lenten Gathering

Please join us for a simple supper at 6:00 on Wednesdays during Lent (except for Holy Week). We will hear about the faith/life journeys of different people throughout the season. We will meet in the basement fellowship hall for dinner and conversation. Each Wednesday, there will be food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Please join us. 

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Wednesday, 04 February 2015 17:22


Feb. 2-- 7:00 Faith Ministry Team

Feb. 5-- Justice and Witness Team

Feb. 6-- 6:30 Discovery Toys Party

Feb. 10--  5:30 Stewardship Ministry Team

Feb.14-- 4:30 Holy Family

Feb.17-- 6:00  VCT

Feb.18 --7:00 Ash Wednesday service

Feb. 20 --7:00 Jr. Blues Game

Feb.25-- 6:00 Lenten Gathering

Feb. 28 -- 4:30 Holy Family 

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Thursday, 05 February 2015 15:33



ASH WEDNESDAY:  The season of Lent begins on Wednesday, February 18, with Ash Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday is a day that is intended for contemplation and preparation for the time of Lent, which itself is a season of preparation for Easter.   Ash Wednesday is the day that you see people around town with a cross made of ashes on their foreheads; the cross of ashes is a sign of our mortality, a sign of the hope that we have in Jesus Christ, and a sign of our turning from that which steals life and holds us back in our relationship with God, neighbor and creation. Congregational UCC will hold a meditative and interactive Ash Wednesday service, with the imposition of ashes available (on forehead or hand, your choice) on February 18 at 7 p.m.


LENT: Lent is the season of preparation for Easter, the holiest and most joyful event in our walk with Jesus.  One emphasis of the season of Lent is a focus on deepening our relationship with God and others. Sometimes, perhaps especially in faith traditions within Christianity such as the Roman Catholic Church, people were encouraged to give something up in Lent, to focus awareness away from the more trivial, to gain some knowledge of denial and our dependence on God, and to give the money saved from the foregone activity to charity. More and more, there is an emphasis on taking on a new practice, or recommitting to a flagging practice, like daily prayer or Scripture reading. The goal of any such discipline, whether one of austerity or abundance, is to deepen our relationship with God. 

One reason that the UCC churches, and the traditions that comprise the UCC, as well as many other Christian traditions gather on Wednesdays in Lent for fellowship, or study, or prayer, or worship or a combination of the above, is to give people a time to think about their faith and their relationship to God.


At Congregational UCC, we want to build community, deepen relationships and increase our head and heart knowledge of God. This year we will offer mid-week Lenten Gatherings on Wednesdays, beginning on February 25, at 6 pm. Our theme is Anticipating Grace and Sharing the Journey. We will begin with a simple meal. Over dinner, we hope that people will share the highs and lows in their lives as we get to know each other better. Then, at 6:30(ish), we will hear from one of our community as they share something about his or her journey. We may hear about someone’s faith journey or where they see God present or about something else important to the one speaking. There will be time to ask questions or talk further. This is very casual. Feel free to bring a friend, to share a meal and to learn from our fellow travelers.



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