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9:15 a.m. - Children's Christian Education
& Soul Search (Adult Christian Education)

Worship service is at 10:15!

We are Open and Affirming and ALL are welcome!

SACK LUNCHES: Every Saturday and Sunday, between 12:15 and 1:00 p.m, our church gives to "those in need" a lunch usually consisting of a sandwich, cookies, and chips or pretzels plus water and fruit. If you would like to help please call the church and offer to make a donation of money or ingredients or time in the making and serving.

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Tuesdays in lent- LENTSAGNA!

Beginning on February 16, we will meet at 6:00 for a simple meal followed by conversation. Our hope is to offer opportunities to get to know fellow travelers on the journey and to think about what our journeys in life and faith involve.  Each week, we will share (to the extent people want to share) the good and the not-so-good in our lives as we eat. Then, after a bit, we will segue into a conversation on the question of the day.  We anticipate wrapping up at 7:00. If the conversation is going strong and people want to stay to talk, we will go until 7:30.  Week 1:  February 16: What is the journey you/we need to take? Week 2: February 23:  Who travels on the journey with you? How can people encourage discourage you when the going gets tough? Week 3: March 1: Identity and self-esteem can make or break the journey. Do you/we base identity on who people say we are or who you know God created you to be? Week 4: March 8:  We all have emotional baggage. People and institutions. What do we need to leave behind? What do we need to be sure to bring? Week 5:  March 15:  The movement from life to death to new life is at the heart of the walk with Jesus. What is waiting to be born anew? What needs new life?

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ASH WEDNESDAY:  The season of Lent begins on Wednesday, February 10, with Ash Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday is a day that is intended for contemplation and preparation for the time of Lent, which itself is a season of preparation for Easter.  

 Ash Wednesday is the day that you see people around town with a cross made of ashes on their foreheads; the cross of ashes is a sign of our mortality, a sign of the hope that we have in Jesus Christ, and a sign of our turning from that which steals life and holds us back in our relationship with God, neighbor and creation.

Congregational UCC will hold an Ash Wednesday service, with the imposition of ashes available (on forehead or hand, your choice) on Feb. 10 at 7 p.m.

LENT: Lent is the season of preparation for Easter, the holiest and most joyful event in our walk with Jesus.  One emphasis of the season of Lent is a focus on deepening our relationship with God and others. Sometimes, perhaps especially in faith traditions within Christianity such as the Roman Catholic Church, people were encouraged to give something up in Lent, to focus awareness away from the more trivial, to gain some knowledge of denial and our dependence on God, and to give the money saved from the foregone activity to charity. More and more, there is an emphasis on taking on a new practice, or recommitting to a flagging practice, like daily prayer or Scripture reading. The goal of any such discipline, whether one of austerity or abundance, is to deepen our relationship with God. 

One reason that the UCC churches, and the traditions that comprise the UCC, as well as many other Christian traditions gather on Wednesdays in Lent for fellowship, or study, or prayer, or worship or a combination of the above, is to give people a time to think about their faith and their relationship to God.

At Congregational UCC, we want to build community, deepen relationships and increase our head and heart knowledge of God. This year we will offer Lenten Gatherings on Tuesdays, beginning on February 16, at 6 pm.




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Sundays in Lent


(by Marcus Borg and Dominic Crossan)

As we have been engaging the story of Jesus’ life and ministry as told by the author of the Gospel According to Mark, and as scholars Marcus Borg and Dominic Crossan wrote The Last Week as an exploration of Jesus’ final week, we are going to use the Gospel of Mark and The Last Week, one chapter at a time, to take a deeper look at this profound week. We will start with the Palm Sunday story, the one of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, on the first Sunday.  Each week afterwards we will spend our time reviewing one day at a time of what Jesus did during his final week before his crucifixion and resurrection. Please join us in worship at 10:15.  Bibles and a copy of the Borg/Crossan book are available at the church. Let us know if you would like access to either (245-8213 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


Week 1 – February 14: Sunday: A Tale of Two Parades (Mark 11:1-11)

Week 2 – February 21: Monday: Trouble in the Temple (Mark 11:12-19)

Week 3 – February 28: Tuesday: Conflict (Mark 11:20-13:37)

Week 4– March 6: Wednesday: The Need for a Villain (Mark 14:1-11)

Week 5 – March 13: Thursday: Last Supper and Gethsemane (Mark 14:12-71)

Week 6 – March 20: Friday: The Crucifixion of Jesus (Mark 15:1-41)

Week 7 – March 27: Sunday: Easter Sunday: Resurrection (Mark 16:1-8)  

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Feb.3~ 6:00 Choir

Feb.10~ 6 Choir

 7:00 Ash Wednesday service

Feb. 11~ 2:30 Justice and Witness Team at Hathaway’s

Feb.15~ 6:30  VCT (Note Time change)

Feb. 16~ 6:00 Lentsagna

Feb.17~ 6:00 Choir

Feb.23~ 6:00 Lentsagna


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